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Inspection of Air Receivers, Accumulators and Other Low Risk Pressure Plant

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In response to a growing number of enquiries we have added a course specifically for the inspection of low-risk pressure plant.

Australian legislation and regional regulators require personnel performing inspection on plant to be ‘competent’. For low risk plant this often means that traditional In-service Inspection Certifications such as AICIP ISI or API 510 are too detailed leaving few alternatives.

Our course ‘Inspection of Low-Risk Pressure Plant’ is designed to contribute towards a person’s competence by providing a solid training and assessment structure.

See the course details here

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Vessel Burst Test Results Are In

BT Final

For those that took the time to evaluate the flaws on our Burst Test Challenge (see here,) you may be a little underwhelmed by the result.

For the 11 bar (1.1 MPa) MAWP vessel with all the defects shown in the original sheet , the vessel failed under hydrotest at 72 barG (7.2 MPag). None of the defects had any effects on the location of failure. It failed by a weep in a longitudinal direction starting from the toe of an attachment weld…nowhere near any of the longitudinal gouge defects, likely an area of local micro-structural weakness.  The failure was completely unspectacular, just weeping so the pressure couldn’t be held.

Photo shows the regular distortion of the vessel… estimated from the test gauges to about 10-15% volumetric expansion…. Interesting to see the stiffening effect of the heads which had not distorted at all. A reality check here for inspectors who fail low-risk vessels because of minor corrosion.

Download the results fact sheet HERE

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Wilkinson Coutts PRD Inspection and Testing Course Is Now ASME Approved!

Pressure Relief Valves

The Wilkinson Coutts ‘Inspection and Maintenance of Pressure Relief Devices’ course is now ASME approved. On successful completion of the course, delegates will be awarded a non-renewable certificate from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

To learn more see here.

If you wish to learn more about running on of these courses as in-house training for your company, please contact us.

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Take the Vessel Burst Challenge!


During our training courses we’re often asked if pitting would really cause a catastrophic failure of a pressure vessel, or if we really should be that concerned if the gouge left by the overly keen grinder is ignored. There are many causes of mechanical integrity failures, some more unpredictable than others, while some have higher consequences of failures than others.

There are various ways to assess in-service degradation and damage, such as using methods within various codes and standards, FEA and other engineering methodologies. As a bit of fun, we are offering a free training course to one lucky winner who correctly assesses (guesses) the location and mode of failure on our highly sophisticated pressure vessel (not highly sophisticated air receiver).

All the details can be found on the fact-sheet so why not have a try. Download the fact-sheet here

We will be very impressed if anyone can also provide their assessment method on how they came to their conclusion. This vessel will be hydro-tested to failure in the coming days, so keep an eye out for the results.

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Top score for 2018 AICIP ISI examinations goes to Drew Holland


Congratulations to Drew who received the highest overall score for ALL AICIP examinations in 2018.

Drew attended our AICIP Examination Preparation Course in September 2018 ran in Perth, Western Australia.

At Wilkinson Coutts we offer a free course to any of our students that achieve the top score in API or AICIP examinations, so now Drew gets to choose which course to do next.

Well done Drew!

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PRD Inspection and Testing Course – Stanwell Power Station, QLD

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We recently ran our PRD Inspection and Testing course for Stanwell Power Station in Rockhampton, Qld.

Inspection and testing of PRDs is fundamental to asset integrity and critical to plant safety. As well as learning about PRD types, design and code requirements we pop tested, leak tested, stripped down and re-built a number of PRVs.

A great course and excellent opportunity to see first hand the operation of a large power station.

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API 570 and API 510 courses in New Zealand – 2019

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In collaboration with Vertech NZ, we are running both an API 570 and API 510 exam preparation course in New Zealand this year.

The courses will be run in New Plymouth, Taranaki on the following dates:

API 570 – October 1st – October 10th 2019
API 510 – December 11th – December 20th 2019

As per normal, the online training will commence 3 months prior to these dates.

For information, pricing and to book into these courses, see our course calendar.

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Website Updates

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It seems as though many people access our website via their phones. We became aware of some mobile device optimisation issues which have now been resolved.

Added to this, we have created a new booking system that makes things easier for you and for us.

We are constantly reviewing our ‘shopfront’ to ensure you get the best service. Thanks to Henry at Blue Mountains Websites for his hard work on the back-end.