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Vessel Burst Test Results Are In

BT Final

For those that took the time to evaluate the flaws on our Burst Test Challenge (see here,) you may be a little underwhelmed by the result.

For the 11 bar (1.1 MPa) MAWP vessel with all the defects shown in the original sheet , the vessel failed under hydrotest at 72 barG (7.2 MPag). None of the defects had any effects on the location of failure. It failed by a weep in a longitudinal direction starting from the toe of an attachment weld…nowhere near any of the longitudinal gouge defects, likely an area of local micro-structural weakness.  The failure was completely unspectacular, just weeping so the pressure couldn’t be held.

Photo shows the regular distortion of the vessel… estimated from the test gauges to about 10-15% volumetric expansion…. Interesting to see the stiffening effect of the heads which had not distorted at all. A reality check here for inspectors who fail low-risk vessels because of minor corrosion.

Download the results fact sheet HERE