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Take the Vessel Burst Challenge!


During our training courses we’re often asked if pitting would really cause a catastrophic failure of a pressure vessel, or if we really should be that concerned if the gouge left by the overly keen grinder is ignored. There are many causes of mechanical integrity failures, some more unpredictable than others, while some have higher consequences of failures than others.

There are various ways to assess in-service degradation and damage, such as using methods within various codes and standards, FEA and other engineering methodologies. As a bit of fun, we are offering a free training course to one lucky winner who correctly assesses (guesses) the location and mode of failure on our highly sophisticated pressure vessel (not highly sophisticated air receiver).

All the details can be found on the fact-sheet so why not have a try. Download the fact-sheet here

We will be very impressed if anyone can also provide their assessment method on how they came to their conclusion. This vessel will be hydro-tested to failure in the coming days, so keep an eye out for the results.