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API 510/570/653 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirement For Recertification

As of the start of 2023 API will be phasing in a requirement for CPD hours in addition to the current recertification requirements. Starting at 8 hours for certifications requiring renewal in 2023, this will increase to 16 hours in 2024 coming to the eventual maximum of 24 hours for certifications requiring renewal in 2025 or later.

We see this as a very positive step for API, bringing the requirement for active inspection personnel  in line with other professional vocations like engineers. The CPD requirement will encourage inspectors to seek a betterment of their knowledge base and broadening understanding of pressure equipment integrity.

For further information on CPD requirements, see the section “How to understand Continuing Professional Development (CPD) evidence for API 510/570/653 recertification.” on our FAQ page HERE.