ASME Plant Inspector Level 1

The ASME Plant Inspector Level 1 is an ideal course for learning the fundamentals of pressure plant and inspection. It serves as an introduction to the field for those looking at pursuing a career in plant inspection as well as giving engineers and managers a solid foundation in inspection principles.

The Wilkinson and Coutts ASME Plant Inspector Level 1 training course provides the fundamental principles of inspection, assessment and management of fixed pressure equipment, also commonly known as static mechanical plant. The content of the course is delivered in a methodical manner from the inspection planning process to the inspection practices and assessment of the associated equipment. It is aimed at the upstream and downstream Petrochemical industry but is equally relevant to stakeholders from other industries that utilise pressure equipment.

This intensive course covers the in-service inspection methodologies and requirements for piping, pressure vessels and above ground storage tanks.

This qualification, once obtained, does not require renewal – it is seen as further education and training in the field of inspection. Successful completion could be used as evidence of continuous improvement and competence however it is not designed to replace in-service inspection certifications such as API 510/570/653, AICIP ISI, CBIP or other specific certification schemes.

The ASME Plant Inspector courses are approved and ratified by ASME and are recognised around the world. However these courses are not the same as an ASME Authorised Inspector who would perform fabrication inspections for an Authorised Inspection Agency (AIA) in the USA and issue ‘U’ stamps and the like.


Classroom or virtual classroom

The standard course is a 5 day course run in the classroom.

To accommodate travel restrictions due to CV-19 we are also running the same format via virtual classroom using video conferencing software such as Zoom. The virtual classroom course is run identically to the classroom course, only with the trainer’s lessons broadcast over conferencing media.

For classroom options, the examination for the course is conducted on the last day of the course and is included in the cost of the course.


eLearning removes any classroom content at all – virtual or physical. The lesson modules are all run online through our training software and you work to your own pace – all online. When you have progressed through the content and are happy with your knowledge you sit the examination online at a time of your choosing.

For further information see our FAQ page.

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ASME Plan Inspector Level 1 Modules

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Course overview
  • Reasons for inspection
  • Mechanical Integrity failures case studies

Module 2 – Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

  • Introduction to RBI
  • Relevant Codes and Standards
  • RBI Methodology
  • RBI Assessments
  • IOWs and the MOC processes

Module 3 – Engineering Materials and Basic Design Principles

  • Materials and their properties
  • Types of stresses and loadings

Module 4 – In-service Piping Monitoring

  • Design of piping for pressure containment.
  • Piping Classes per API 570
  • Common Damage Mechanisms
  • Principles of corrosion loops/circuits
  • Codes and Standards

Module 5 – In-service Pressure Vessel Monitoring

  • Design of Pressure Vessels pressure containment
  • Static Head principle
  • Vessel Components – Shell/Nozzles/Supports/Head
  • ASME VIII Div. 1 Joint Efficiency
  • Common Damage Mechanisms relating to pressure vessels Assessing localised and general wall loss to API 510

Module 6 – Useful Remaining Life Assessments

  • Corrosion rate calculations
  • Remaining life calculation
  • Safe MAWP calculation
  • Inspection periods

Module 7 – In-service Storage Tank Inspection

  • Design
  • Static Head principle
  • Tank Components – Shell/Floors/Roofs • Common Damage Mechanisms
  • Assessing wall loss to API 653
  • Determine maximum fill height

Module 8 – Testing and Examination

  • Pressure Testing
  • Leak Testing
  • NDE

Module 9 – Repair

  • Welded Repairs
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Composite Repairs

Module 10 – Inspection Plans

  • Purposes of an inspection plan
  • Content of plan
  • Writing the plan