Inspection of Low-Risk Pressure Plant

Inspection of Low Risk Air Receivers, Accumulators, Refrigeration and Vacuum-Jacketed Vessels

Low risk pressure equipment such as air receivers, hydraulic accumulators, refrigeration vessels and vacuum-jacketed vessels are unique in their treatment under Australian Legislation, their inspection requirements and specific hazards. This equipment would typically be classified as Hazard Level C, D or E according to AS 4343.

While Australian certification schemes like AICIP In-Service Inspector (ISI) exist for the certification of inspection personnel, the requirements of such schemes are impractical for those who own or manage a small number of low risk plant.

Regulations and Australian Standards require those performing inspection of such equipment to be ‘competent’ with no such certifications being mandatory. In the case of low risk plant this becomes increasingly important – to ensure plant is safe to operate without requiring unrealistic certification or training overheads, while still maintaining compliance with state or federal regulators.

This course will prepare you in regards to Australian regulatory requirements, hazard level calculation, principles of materials, basic mechanical engineering, damage mechanisms and inspection requirements for low risk plant.

This course is tailored for equipment of Hazard Level C, D or E such as air receivers and accumulators, giving solid background without unnecessary information or examinations. 8 weeks of online training will be followed by 4 days of classroom training with an examination on the last day. The content of the course is such that with good in-house documentation you or your staff will prove their competency and be able to perform internal and external inspections to satisfy legislative requirements and/or good engineering practice.

The course curriculum is taught and examined during the course, the examination falling on the final day of the classroom training. The examination is to support evidence that the student is competent to perform the inspections and a certificate of attendance will be provided to demonstrate the training and level achieved. We are not a ‘certifying body’ nor an ‘inspection body’ so this course is not offering a ‘certification’ and should not be taken as a substitute of an in-service inspection certification such as API 510 or AICIP ISI.

(Can be taken at course location or streamed over Zoom)


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