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Pressure Equipment Forum Is Now Live!

In order to better service the pressure equipment industry in our region, we have now incorporated a new Forum into our website. The Forum aims to foster open discussion between interested parties with a view to improve our industry overall.

See the ‘Forum’ tab at the top of this page or click on THIS link.

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New Edition of AS 3788 Out For Public Comment

EDIT – Submissions closed on June 20 2023 – sorry but you’re too late….

The long awaited new edition of AS 3788 is now out for public comment. We advise all stakeholders to ensure that you have a look and comment where you feel changes are required. Given that it is 17 years since the last re-write it’s up to us to get this one right.
You will need to create a profile on the Standards Australia website which will include 2 factor ID.
Once you have created a profile, access it on THIS URL

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API 510/570/653 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirement For Recertification

As of the start of 2023 API will be phasing in a requirement for CPD hours in addition to the current recertification requirements. Starting at 8 hours for certifications requiring renewal in 2023, this will increase to 16 hours in 2024 coming to the eventual maximum of 24 hours for certifications requiring renewal in 2025 or later.

We see this as a very positive step for API, bringing the requirement for active inspection personnel  in line with other professional vocations like engineers. The CPD requirement will encourage inspectors to seek a betterment of their knowledge base and broadening understanding of pressure equipment integrity.

For further information on CPD requirements, see the section “How to understand Continuing Professional Development (CPD) evidence for API 510/570/653 recertification.” on our FAQ page HERE.

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Streaming Courses Over Zoom Now Possible!

Pipework 570

Uncertainty around CV19 travel restrictions has prompted us to change courses over the next 2 months to virtual classroom via Zoom. Given this ‘new normal’ we are giving the option to attend any of our courses over Zoom until the end of the year.

If you are remote from the course location and would still like to attend it is now possible! Just get in touch to discuss your options.


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ASME Level 1 Plant Inspector eLearning Course Now Available


In addition to our virtual classroom offering of the ASME Level 1 course, it is now also available as a fully self-directed eLearning course!

The eLearning does away with any classroom component and the entire content is available though our online Learning Management System (LMS). Students are able to work through the lessons and questions at their own pace while working to their own schedule.

Once the modules are complete the examination is taken online through a secure and monitored examination site.  It is perfect for those wanting to gain extra training and knowledge while under lockdown or uncertain work rotations.

See the ASME L1 page for details.


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ASME Plant Inspector Courses Available By Virtual Classroom

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Travel bans within Australia are set to continue for the mid-term. In order to accommodate our students booked on courses through June and July we will now be offering our ASME Plant Inspector Level 1 and Level 2 courses fully online as virtual classroom though video conferencing. The examinations will be run online as a part of the course.

If you are interested in making the most of this opportunity please view our ASME Level 1 and ASME Level 2 pages.

We will continue to monitor the situation and review offering our API and/or AICIP courses by virtual classroom if the need arises.