Inspection and Maintenance of Pressure Relief Devices

The  ‘Inspection and Maintenance of Pressure Relief Devices’ (PRDs) course is a practical training course tailored to the specific needs of companies working with PRDs. It combines classroom instruction and practical workshop training on various types of PRDs. It is an independent course that covers multiple types of PRD designs and is not specific to any equipment manufacturer. The course duration is 3 days consisting of a combination of classroom and workshop instruction involving practical exercises.

The course is suited to those involved in the inspection, re-certification, management of PRV change out, RBI team members and staff who may be unfamiliar with PRVs such as graduates or trainees.  The training provides the necessary technical learning in relation to the in-service cycle of a PRV.

On successful completion of the course, delegates will be awarded a non-renewable certificate from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). 


  • Module 1- Pre-Installation. Introduces the checks and inspection required on receipt of a PRV and before it’s installation into service. The physical examination is taught with the correct QA/QC validation on PRV certification.
  • Module 2- Installation. Demonstrates that correct installation of a PRV is crucial to it’s intended operation. The course will explain the installation process and what to look for; such as misalignment, flange sealing face damage, correct use of gaskets and torquing of the joint.
  • Module 3- In-service Inspection. Introduces the in-service inspection requirements.  Although inspection is often limited while in-service,  there are certain aspects covered in the course; such as an introduction to in-service testing such as the ‘Trevitest’ and external visual inspection ensuring there is no significant damage or misalignment.
  • Module 4- Strip-down and Inspection.  Participants will be involved in the ‘as received’ lift test, strip down, inspection, assessment and reporting on the condition of the valve. We supply used valves for use during the course to show real in-service inspection defects and damage.
  • Module 5- Reassembly and Testing. During this phase of the course the delegates will have the opportunity to conduct seat lapping and surface finish assessment. Instruction will be given on the reassembly of the valve and testing.
  • Module 6- RBI & Damage Mechanisms. An introduction to Risk-Based Inspection for PRVs based on current industry practice. Several common damage mechanisms will also be introduced, along with their damage and failure modes.

This course will also discuss the different Australian and international codes and standards that relate to PRDs. The knowledge discussed and learnt will enable owner/users and plant personnel make informed decisions regarding PRV testing, inspection and re-certification.


If you wish learn more about running this training as an in-house, exclusive course, please contact us.

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ASME PRD Inspection and TestingN/A11-06-202413-06-2024 Perth, WA$2200 incl. GSTLast Remaining Places
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