AICIP Exam Preparation Course

AICIP In-Service Inspector (ISI)

Our AICIP Exam Preparation Course is designed to give you the background, knowledge and confidence to operate as an AICIP certified Inspector. The rigorous combination of 3 months of online training, face-to-face classroom content and mock examinations will prepare you for the difficult examination process.

The AICIP examination is renown for being a difficult and taxing process, with first time pass rates being less than 30%! With 3 exam papers over 2 days, one of which is an arduous practical examination, the process is not to be taken lightly. Our AICIP Exam Preparation Course will give you the confidence and background so you can go into the exam prepared.

More importantly you will have a solid foundation in the principles of materials, mechanical engineering, damage mechanisms and inspection management to operate with confidence.

There is no ‘death by Powerpoint’, regurgitation of code clauses nor ‘giving you the answers’ in our courses. 3 months of online training gives you a solid foundation of inspection principles and concepts, from a range of sources not limited to Australian Standards. We will look at other industry staples such as API 571 for damage mechanisms, API 572 and 574 for pressure vessel and pipework inspection practices and API 576 for Pressure Relieving Devices.

In the classroom we will reinforce engineering and materials, vessel and boiler construction and of course, the damage mechanisms to expect. All will culminate in a number of days of mock examinations that will ensure your knowledge is honed to communicate it effectively in a time-poor exam.

There is no easy way to prepare for the AICIP examination process. It requires hard work and diligence. Our course will ensure that your work is focused and when you pass the exam, you will be industry-ready.

Note: Enrolling and paying for the examination is in addition to this course and is the student’s responsibility, as is obtaining the required standards for the course.

For further information on exam details, costs, dates and codes/standards, please see our FAQ page.

(Classroom component cannot be streamed over Zoom)

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