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    Hello all,

    I am looking at undertaking more training, unsure as to go with the AICIP as there are no prerequisite but have read that the exam is very subjective and has low pass rate. Where as API I would have to pay for 2 courses 510/570 and am unsure if I would qualify for the exam. Also are any of these courses worth doing if I do not hold any NDE qualification such as UT, MT, PT?

    As the likely-hood of me working out side of Australia is very low and AICIP is an all in one course, I am leaning toward this. Also as long as you read and understand how to find the right answers in the standards/codes I am not sure it really matters if your training is bases on AS/NZ standards over API/ASME. As in the welding world I deal with ASME/AS and ISO all the time even NACE and some DNV standards, it’s just a matter of reading the appropriate standard to compile with the clients specifications/needs.

    What I do have:
    1. Boilermaker / welder trade qualification
    2. IIW IWI-B welding inspection
    3. IIW IWI-S welding inspection
    4. AS1796 welding supervision pressure vessels
    5. AS2214 welding supervision structural
    6. ASME plant inspector level 1

    about to do my rope access course and would like to get into plant inspection on the ropes.

    if I go with API pathway should I do ASME plant inspection level 2 before doing 510/570 as a way to qualify for the API exams?

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