Senior AICIP Exam Preparation Course

AICIP Senior In-Service Inspector (SISI)

Our Senior AICIP (SISI) Exam Preparation Course is designed to give you the background and knowledge to operate as a Senior AICIP certified Inspector. The combination of online training, face-to-face classroom content and mock examinations will prepare you with a solid basis in Fitness For Service (FFS) analysis and inspection management, as well as confidence to approach the challenging examination.

The Senior AICIP examination is not as taxing as the In-Service Inspector (ISI) certification exam, however the content is technical and requires in-depth understanding. You will sit 2 exam papers in one day for a total of 3.25 hours.

This course will review ISI content such as material properties, hoop stress calculations and damage mechanisms. It will then build upon this with FFS calculations to Appendix N and O of AS/NZS 3788, as well as the FFS principles in API 510 and API 579. Inspection management will focus on WHS regulatory requirements and content from AS/NZS 3788 and other Australian Standards. We will also review construction standards such as AS 1210, welding standards AS/NZS 3992 and ASME IX, conformity assessment to AS 3920 and more.

There is no ‘death by Powerpoint’, regurgitation of code clauses nor ‘giving you the answers’ in our courses. 8 weeks of online training gives you a refresher and introduction to core concepts. 5 days of classroom content will solidify your knowledge as well as exposing you to mock examinations.

(Can be taken at course location or streamed over Zoom)

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