ASME Wind Turbine Inspection Course

The ASME Wind Turbine Inspection course provides the fundamental knowledge of the wind turbine structure, its pressure systems and lifting equipment. This course is centered around the inspection of offshore, jacketed turbines. Note there are none of these type of wind turbines in Australia or NZ at this time, however there are plans for these to be installed in years to come.

On completion of the training, and after successfully passing the end of course examination, delegates are issued with a certificate of completion from ASME. These certificates are currently non-renewable.

  • The objectives of inspection
  • Statutory-v-non-statutory inspections and reporting requirements
  • Pressure System Safety Regulations (PSSRs)
  • Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER)
  • Written schemes of examination (WSE)
  • Inspection of the tower structure
  • Inspection of lifting equipment and accessories
  • Inspection of pressure systems
  • Suitable NDE techniques
  • Damage severity and reporting formats
  • Inspection reporting
  • Report objectives and formats
  • Descriptive-v-exception reporting
  • Recommendations and calls to action

The examination consists of 2 parts;

  1. A closed book examination involving narrative questions and answers, and
  2. An open book examination involving code interpretations and calculations



eLearning removes any classroom content at all – virtual or physical. The lesson modules are all run online through our training software and you work to your own pace – all online.

eLearning Duration:

Approx. 30 hours of training with 3 month online access.

All of the same content as our 3-day classroom course however with more time, so you can work your way through each topic comfortably at your own pace. This means plenty time to return to each module and revise till your heart (or brain!) is content. You can arrange to sit your exam as soon as you feel confident, you do not have to wait till the end of your online training access before sitting your exam.

When you have progressed through the content and are happy with your knowledge you sit the examination online at a time of your choosing. The exam is conducted online using downloaded software and your webcam to monitor for cheating.

 Classroom or virtual classroom

The classroom format is run as a 3 day course run in the classroom.

To accommodate travel restrictions due to CV-19 we are also running the same format via virtual classroom using video conferencing software such as Zoom. The virtual classroom course is run identically to the classroom course, only with the trainer’s lessons broadcast over conferencing media.

For classroom options, the examination for the course is conducted on the last day of the course and is included in the cost of the course.

CourseOnline StartClassroom Training StartClassroom Training EndLocationPriceCourse Availability
ASME Wind Turbine Inspector eLearningUpon EnrollmentN/AN/AOnline Only$1950 incl. GSTPlaces Available
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ASME Wind Turbine Inspector Modules

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Course overview
  • Relevance of Regulations
  • Common inspection requirements

Module 2 – Inspection Scope & WSE

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Equipment to be inspected
  • Critical inspection areas
  • Nacelle machinery

Module 3 – Lifting Equipment Inspection

  • Using LOLER
  • Supporting Regulations
  • Scope of inspection
  • Reporting requirements
  • Areas to inspect

Module 4 – Structural Inspection

  • Defining structural categories
  • Material properties
  • Fatigue issues
  • Externally applied stresses
  • Inspection scope

Module 5 – NDE Techniques and Damage Mechanisms

  • Applicable NDE techniques
  • Advantages and disadvantages of NDE techniques
  • DM’s affecting structures

Module 6 – Pressure Systems & Inspection

  • Regulatory reporting requirements
  • DM’s affecting pressurised equipment
  • Damage assessment
  • Remaining life
  • Inspection periods