ASME Plant Inspector Level 3

1-month online training followed by 5 days classroom

The ASME Level 3 Plant Inspector training course is suitable for candidates who wish to demonstrate the highest level of technical and management-related knowledge relating to plant inspection. It is ideal for those who want to prove that they have the experience to progress to the Principal Inspector level in the power/oil/gas/petrochemical industry. The course consists of an online training course and five-days classroom training.

The purpose of the online training is to act as a refresher (for those progressing from level 2 or similar status) covering the core subjects including; design, materials, mechanical properties, damage mechanisms (DMs), Fitness For Service (FFS) and an introduction into failure investigation/root cause analysis.

The classroom course consists of 4 days of intensive training covering the advanced technical aspects and assessment methodologies of in-service inspection activities. The fifth and final day is the examination.

The residential course is focused around the following content;

  • Failure investigation and root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Design principles and calculations for pipe bends
  • Design principles and calculations for branch connections
  • Calculations for vertical vessels with the addition of wind loading
  • Piping support calculations
  • Fitness for service assessments
  • Inspector competence assessment

The ASME Plant Inspector courses are approved and ratified by ASME and are recognised around the world. However these courses are not the same as an ASME Authorised Inspector who would perform fabrication inspections for an Authorised Inspection Agency (AIA) in the USA and issue ‘U’ stamps and the like.

The examination consists of 2 parts;

  1. A closed book examination involving narrative questions and answers, and
  2. An open book examination involving code interpretations and calculations

All successful completion of the Level 3 training course, participants will be awarded the ASME certificate which is non-renewable.

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There are fewer modules than the level 1 course, but the modules are more in-depth.

Module 1 – Regulations

  • HSE Regime
  • The PSSR Regs 2000
  • COMAH Regulations
  • Offshore Safety Directive (Safety Case)
  • Role of the Technical Authority
  • Australian Regulations

Module 2 – Pressure Equipment Design

  • Pipe Bends & Elbows
  • Branch Connections
  • Piping Supports and their Functionality
  • Calculating the Bending Stress

Module 3 – Materials and Damage Mechanisms

  • Fracture Toughness
  • Plain-Strain & Plain-Stress
  • Pitting & SCC of Stainless Steels
  • Requirements to minimise Brittle Fracture

Module 4 – Integrity Management

  • Inspection Objectives
  • API 581 RBI Methodologies
  • Inspection Reporting
  • FFS Methods for Wall Loss on Bends
  • Crack Assessment using FAD in API 579

Module 5 – Welding

  • Required WPS & PQR Documentation
  • Welder Approval
  • Welding Operator Approval

Module 6 – Root Cause Analysis

  • How to use the RCA Caustaion Chart
  • Why Equipment Failures Keep Happening
  • Most Failures Have Multiple Causes
  • Does Someone Have to be at Fault

Module 7 – Management of Change (MOC)

  • What is MOC
  • The Main Steps in the MOC
  • How to Conduct an MOC
  • Review of the MOC and its Management

Module 8 – Creeping Change and Asset Life Extension

  • Creeping Change
  • Aging and Life Extension (HSE KP4)
  • Structural Integrity
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Pipelines & Corrosion